Wallker RG-L has a loading capacity of 250 kg. The basket on the platform is designed in a width and height that will allow more than one operator to work with their equipment. Our personnel lifts move on rails with air supply to allow the operator easily work on three axes. X axis movement is to the right and left along the cabin length. Z axis movement is  upward and downward of the platform. Y axis move is inward and outward move of the operator. These moves allow the operator to work easily in 6 areas. The operator on the basket can comfortably observe the work area thanks to the flexible moves. The proportional moves and control of the platform are performed by the operator with the joystick available in the front side. Operators can comfortably move on the rail system mounted on cabin wall and work with maximum efficiency.  Although our personnel platforms have wide area of usage, they are not sensitive to heat or does not have the risk of explosion against the heat. Our Wallker RG-L Pneumatic Personnel Platforms are CE-certified and ATEX-approved. CE and ATEX approvals have been given by a global independent agency TUV Austria. 


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